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  2. heard christian got last part in VG. here he is last winter in Sweden. shout out to 1000 notes.

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  3. i honestly love precamp and post camp, this was post camp shenanigans with lil jimmi thomas aka rookie of the year  

  4. pic from last night 

  5. RIP

  6. twiggy

  7. these two pictures wer taken of joey percia in 2005 (the height of wenning mania in the tri state area) best known for skating koston 3’s and ledges shown here going over a little nub which isnt that easy in this pool

  8. mixed miki

  9. vin & douce

  10. modest mouse

  13. nirv and miki

  14. johnshanahanz:

    James Juckett wallie

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