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  3. praise be

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  4. no money/no honey. I don’t make the rules. I just follow them.

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    the great plaza tornado, oh the humanity, never ferget

    the day everyone got hit by a tornader

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  8. dam. wat.

  9. nirv gas in the van, raining at the beach

  10. chelseas and nirv

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  12. yoitsjonstark said: Do you feel like you're being watched by one particular snowboard boot company?

    yes, im nervous for my career 

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    Nothing ever changes with white people and their support for killer pigs. 

    I wonder what the response of these white people would be if they were confronted about the fact that only a short 50 years ago, it was active Nazis that held up signs akin to theirs.

    And this is how racism stays alive. U bring ur kids to shit like this and it’s a cycle that never goes away.

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