1. these two people can save the snowboard “industry”

  2. tito feelin some type of wit his legs crossed an shit 

  3. Jake Baldini doing a 4ft tall boardslide from flat into the bank.

  4. Mike rav doing god knows what


  6. tito at rest

  7. ppl of govy

  8. luke koch doing a sketchy boardslide 

  9. John Shanahan and myself made this over the past 2 years, Dearest blessed us with the track, filmed all over the east coast. J3T still on the way, the boy still got footage in the bank.

  10. tanner, parker, navin

  11. Volcano Cones dormant during inclement weather

  12. Mt. Hood before it melted 

  13. john shanahan fs near paramus NJ nearly 2 yrs ago

  14. session 4, wind 

  15. (Source: hellatrill)